This Week in Music! 11/30-12/4

Hello everyone!  In an effort to keep everyone more informed I’ve decided to have weekly updates about what is going on in Music class!


November 30-December 4:


By now our Kindergarteners know an impressive amount of songs including:

Hello (How do you do?)

Three Little Muffins

ABCs (a funky variation)

Hello, there!


Walk to School

Chop, Chop

Five Little Ladies

Apple Tree

Fruits and Vegetables

Autumn Leaves

The Pumpkin Song

Things I’m Thankful For

These songs cover a variety of items in the Kindergarten Music Curriculum including: knowing the different timbres our voices can use (singing, whispering, yelling, talking), echoing, following directions, moving to express themselves musically, showing fast and slow sounds, and keeping the steady beat.  The kindergarteners also sing to “Fred” the cat each week (which is really improvisation!)

This week our Kindergarteners will be discussing “What is Ballet?”  in preparation for our Nutcracker unit.

1st grade:

Over the last couple of weeks most of our 1st grade classes got an introduction to our Instrumentarium.  This is a collection of percussion instruments including glockenspiels, metallophones, xylophones, and drums.  This week we will be reviewing the instrument names, practicing our procedures (rest, ready, and playing position) and learning about how to play the instruments “hands together” and “alternating hands”.  Students will rotate through all the instruments throughout the course of this unit and also will take turns conducting the group.

2nd and 3rd grades:

We have begun learning songs for our Spring Concert (yes- this early- but I promise there’s good reason for it!).  2nd grade has learned the songs Ulili ‘E (from Hawaii), Singabahambayo (from South Africa), and A La Rueda (from Mexico) and 3rd grade has learned the songs Hambe No Uta (From Japan), Cidade Maravilhasa (from Brazil) and Holi Re (from India) and both grades have learned the songs My Country Tis of Thee and America.

This week we will be looking at our map and trying to figure out which continents we’ve missed and what we can do about it!  2nd grade will be learning the song “Funiculi, Funicula” from Italy and 3rd grade will be learning the song “Waltzing Matilda” from Australia.

4th and 5th grades:

4th and 5th grades are finishing up their concert music and will be rehearsing in the gym to get ready for their concert on December 8 (at 6:30pm in the multipurpose room).

If you have a child participating in the concert please have them to the gym no later than 6:15pm on December 8.  They will go immediately to their places on stage.  Please have students dress nicely, but comfortably- and no dresses or skirts please!  We will be playing drums, sitting on the floor, etc, so better to play it safe!

Thanks so much!

Amy Koo