Record a test for recorder or ukulele

Ready to test for your next belt, but you won’t be in music for another week?  Here’s how you can do it! You will need either a computer with an internal microphone, or a computer and an external microphone.

1.  Get your music ready.  If you would like a pdf copy of the belt music to print at home leave a comment below with the color belt you need and the instrument (ukulele or recorder?).  Make sure to enter your email address when it asks you to on the comments, and I’ll email you the music as soon as I can.

2.  Go to

3.  Push the red button to record.

4. Click “allow”.

5. Say your name, your classroom teacher’s name, and what belt you are taking.

6. Play your song.

7. Click “Click to Stop.”

8.  Listen to your recording if you like.  If you aren’t happy with the recording, now is the time to try again.  If you are click on the message at the bottom to save.

9.  When you are ready, click email.  Follow the directions in the box. You will need your parent’s email address to put in the ‘from’ box.   Email the recording to me at    Remember to click send at the bottom.

10. I will listen to your song and either email you back or put some feedback outside my classroom door to let you know if you earned your belt or what you need to practice. Please wait to do more testing until you have heard from me and do not send me more than one song a day.


Happy testing!

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