Centers in the Music Classroom

This morning I have the opportunity to present “Centers in the Music Classroom” at the North Carolina Music Educator’s Association Convention in Winston Salem, NC.

Here is a link to the presentation for anyone interested:

Centers in the Music Classroom

Some great links to help you along your way:

Artie Almeda’s Ultimate Game and Activity Pack for Orchestra

Instrument Battleship Game

Classics for kids

Peter and the Wolf Game

Note Name Game

Whack a Note

Staff Wars

Play by color example

2 thoughts on “Centers in the Music Classroom

  1. I attended your Centers in the Elementary Music Classroom at NCMEA. I can’t get the link on here to your powerpoint on the Centers. I am very interested in remembering the iPod stuff– my kids are loving the blob chorus! I’m slowly teaching them a few games so I can try some stations/centers later. Can you send me the power point or just some suggestions?

    And while I was there, I had that creeping feeling I had met you before. Sure enough I see that you taught at LSHS, and I went there, but class of 2003. I probably came back and bugged you saying I wanted to hang out and I was a music major, etc.

    Thanks for your presentation and any wisdom you can share.

    • Hi Kristen! I’ll email you the presentation, but the info on locking the iPad is not in there… To do that you need to go to settings in your iPad, then general, then accessibility. Scroll down to guided access, turn it on, and set your passcode. From then on you can triple click the home button and it will put the guided access menu on. Turn it on, and you’re set! Students should not be able to exit the program they are currently in without the passcode.

      What a small world! I loved teaching at LSHS and hope I was helpful (although it was my first, blundering experience at teaching!). Good luck with your adventure in centers!

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