101 Dalmatians

Hello!  I wanted to announce that Root will be presenting the musical 101 Dalmatians in the spring.  The speaking parts for this play will be open to all third, fourth and fifth grade students, with all fifth graders being featured as the musicians.  5th grade will be working on the music in class, and the rest of the play will be rehearsed after school.  We will be holding auditions for the speaking lines and solos the week of January 14-17.  If your child is interested in auditioning for a part please sign up for an audition time at this link:  doodle

*Please plan to wait with your child during these auditions, since they will be less than ten minutes each.

For girls, please prepare Cruella De Vil’s lines, being sure to memorize “side 1”.  Also, please prepare the song My Beautiful Coat.

For boys, please prepare Roger’s lines, being sure to memorize “side 1”.  Also, please prepare the song Cruella De Vil.

**please click on the italicized words above to go to the link of the lines or music.

We are planning to have call-backs on Jan 23, 24, and 25 if needed.  Children who are cast and their parents should plan to come to a mandatory reading and meeting on January 29 at 5:30pm in the Root Elementary Music room.  At this time we will discuss the rehearsal schedule and parent volunteer needs.

It is imperative that children who are cast be available for all rehearsals and performances.  Rehearsals will be held afterschool on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.  The days your child will be needed will be based on the part they have. This is a serious commitment, so please be sure to discuss with your child the importance of sticking with it to the end.

If you have any questions please leave a comment or email me!  I’m looking forward to this exciting opportunity!


5 thoughts on “101 Dalmatians

    • Mrs. Dempster,

      We are tentatively planning on having the performances May 7 (once during the day and once in the evening).


  1. hi mrs. koo-
    next week is a very busy one for the 5th grade with their free enterprise projects and presentations being due on the 16th. Gracie is very interested in being in the play but has commitments after school on wednesdays (art class) and thusdays (horseback riding). i am concerned about rehearsals since she is only available to practice after school on tuesdays. would it be a good idea for gracie to audition or should she try out for a smaller role?
    dana parrish

    • Mrs. Parrish,

      I’m sorry about the overlapping schedule! We will be auditioning everyone on the same script, and when we do call-backs we will be checking out people’s commitments and conflicts to be sure who can do what. If Gracie is interested have her prepare as normal, and we’ll try to see what we can do. I don’t have the script yet, so I can’t say for sure what the rehearsal schedule will be like, but not everyone will have to rehearse everyday, so it’s possible we can work around those commitments. I hope that helps!

      Amy Koo

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