Interesting info from the NC Symphony

Hi again!  The fourth graders and I will be attending a concert by the NC Symphony on October 16.  I was cruzing their site, and I saw this interesting blogpost:

Check it out!  While you are there, be sure to look around at the other stuff on their site.  It’s interesting!

What we are up to in class: Week of August 26

Hello!  This week we are busy building our own Tagxedo pictures.  By Friday we will be presenting them to our classes, and explaining what the words mean, what kind of music we enjoy, and who our musical influences are.  Meanwhile, we are also jamming out to the sesame street song “What I Am” by Will.I.Am and getting our music centers set up.  Keep your eyes peeled:  I will post some of our Tagxedos and some pics of our centers in the next couple of days.


What does your favorite music say about your personality?

Hi again!  Have you ever wondered what your favorite kind of music says about your personality?  I often have, especially since I have such a diverse interest in music.  I actually listen to almost any kind of music, depending on the mood I am in.  With that being said, let me show you my first infographic!


I apologize for the pictues- I’m a bit paranoid about copyright-as most music/library teachers are, so I drew them all myself!  You can see why I didn’t go into art.  🙂

Our first lesson in second, third, fourth, and fifth grade music class will be exploring the kinds of music we listen to, which is why I thought this topic might be interesting.  While we won’t be making an infographic (yet) we will be showing our musical interests and background through another visual aid:

For this I used a site called tagxedo.  For my infographic I used a site called

I think these are great ways to both present and receive information, especially for visual learners.  Are any of you visual learners?  Leave me a comment and let me know!  I am a kinesthetic learner, which means I learn best by doing.  I am especially good at learning through teaching.  For example; I still attribute my A in college Biology to my ex-boyfriend.  He slept through the entire class and I had to stay up all night before the final exam to reteach the information to him.  I was not happy about it at the time, but later I realized that I probably would not have understood the information as well if I had not had to teach it to him!

Less than a week until teacher workdays begin, and less than two weeks until school starts!  I can’t wait to meet everyone!  Have a great last few weeks of summer!